Mechanical engineering

High-quality mechanical engineering expertise for operators in industry and wholesale trade

Our stainless machine workshop offers high-quality mechanical engineering expertise for the needs of the environmental, energy, food, process and shipbuilding industries. Our own planning service can help our customers to get cost-effective solutions customized to their needs, with high quality.

With our diverse machinery and the know-how brought by our extensive and long-standing experience, we can always offer you the best solutions with flexibility, regardless of your field of business.

Comprehensive machine construction and assembly as well as sheet metal work

Steelhouse has extensive experience as a subcontractor for machinery construction in Finland. We master the treatments of metal and steel, and for decades we have been developing and enhancing the competitiveness of the products of our customers. At the same time, our mechanical planners have gained expertise over designing and manufacturing sheet metal products. We manufacture, surface treat and deliver components and structures as well as thin sheets flexibly and cost-effectively.

We produce sheet metal work cost-effectively for companies of various sizes, using efficient and versatile sheet metal production machinery. Our trump cards in the production of thin sheets are speed, efficiency and flexibility.

For the machinery construction industry, we manufacture and treat items including paper and pulp manufacturing machines, food industry machines, pumps and fans and pharmaceutical industry machines. We serve the foundry industry, all the way from the polishing of small furniture parts to the grinding of cast pieces that weigh dozens of tons. We improve flow and aerodynamics by reducing the roughness of the surface. Our areas of special expertise include large propellers, turbine blades, cleaning of castings and pump housings and impellers.

Machine construction and assembly according to your needs from our workshop

We grind, brush and polish raw materials for industry and manufacture sheets, pipes and profiles for metal wholesale trade. On our automatic lines, we can produce uniform quality for everyone’s needs. With the aid of automation, cost level remains optimal. When you need a machine shop to do subcontracting, we are a smart choice. Contact us for more details!