Metal surface finishing

Special treatment of metal and steel surfaces with long experience



Our metal treatment techniques include

The surface finishing of metal can be done as a manual job, mechanically or automatically. The treatment method that we choose depends on the product and its requirements. We treat HST, RST, Ti, CU, AL and MS materials.

Manual work has traditionally been one of our strengths in surface finishing. On the manual work line, we serve all fields of industry in a diverse way. Our grinding treatments encompass everything from small cast pieces to items weighing dozens of tons. As manual work, we grind, brush and polish items including paper and pulp manufacturing machines, pulp pumps, the inner surfaces and parts of process pipework, machinery for food industry and pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical containers, pumps, fans and turbines as well as turbine blades and propellers.

Mechanization of surface finishing brings together the professional skill of the grinder and the power of the machine into an effective combination. We offer a comprehensive range of mechanized surface finishing services for our customers in different fields of industry.

Automated grinding, brushing and polishing brings efficiency and uniform quality to many different products. Through automation, we can offer our customers cost-effectiveness for large batches.