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Metal structures and surface finishing from a professional

Steelhouse Group Ltd is an experienced professional of manufacturing and surface-finishing of metal and steel structures. Our high-quality services cover design, manufacturing and installation. Read more about our services and get in touch, so we can talk about your project in more detail and make you an offer. Working with us is flexible and reliable!

Steelhouse has strong roots, as the company began operations already in 1963. Over the years, the company has expanded its operations and the machinery has been constantly renewed to meet customer needs. Great customer service, flexibility and acquisitions have helped the company grow to its current size.

Steelhouse Group moved to Järvenpää in 2006 and has operated in the same location since then. In Järvenpää, operations expanded again in 2019, when our production facilities doubled as a result of an acquisition.


tapio hyytiäinen


Sinikka Koivunen

Order processing


Hannu Lindfors

Production Manager

Vesa Hyvärinen

Head of Sales

Ari Kälkäjä

Sales of surface finishing

Sami Nummela

Sales / Design

Marko Hauta-aho

Foreman of surface finishing

SteelhouseSteelhouse Steelhouse

Jari Hyytiäinen

International sales


Risto Hyytiäinen

Production Manager Alajärvi

Teemu Hautamäki

Work management Alajärvi

Estonian office

Valmar Kask

CEO / Production Manager

Mario Kutt

Designer / Constructor

Kalev Mones

Technologist / Purchasing Manager

Liisa-Mona Kask

Head of Sales


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