Valmistusosaamista elintarviketeollisuuden vaativiin tarpeisiin Steelhouse Elecster
Manufacturing expertise for the demanding needs of the food industry

Equipment and materials used in the food industry must meet strict quality standards in order to guarantee product safety throughout the manufacturing and packaging process and the various transport chains. Steelhouse's strong expertise in the handling of stainless steels is reflected in the design, manufacture and finishing of food industry products. Fulfilling the quality requirements set for the products requires the right method at every stage of the manufacturing work.

Elecster is a Finnish listed company and a globally leading system supplier for UHT lines, milk bag filling machines and ecological bag packaging materials. Elecster designs, manufactures and markets UHT milk processing lines and aseptic packaging lines and related packaging materials worldwide. The company has more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of dairy machines and packaging materials, and it specializes in serving dairies in emerging markets. In the coming decades, food and its packaging must be produced even more competitively, taking into account environmental considerations.

Steelhouse has been manufacturing high quality tanks for Elecster equipment for several years. “Over the years, we have had open discussions about manufacturing methods, to make the end product meet all the requirements and still be also cost-effective to manufacture. Open discussion and Steelhouse's experience in tank manufacturing and surface treatment is a strong combination”, says Ville Huovilainen from Elecster.

Steelhouse has eagerly responded to the product development challenges posed by Elecster, and is also ready to manufacture even larger entities for Elecster’s needs.