Steelhouse mukana Espoon Blominmäen jätevedenpuhdistamohankkeessa
Steelhouse as a subcontractor in Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant

Steelhouse Group Oy is working as a subcontractor in a major construction project of Helsinki Region Environmental Services in Finland, in which a new wastewater treatment plant is built in Espoo's Blominmäki bedrock. The new plant will replace the current Suomenoja plant, which doesn't have enough capacity to handle the wastewater of the entire region in the future. The main contractor for the project is YIT, and it is implemented as a project management contract worth approximately EUR 206 million.

The construction phase of the wastewater treatment plant project began in April 2018. The area of the future treatment plant is approximately 10 hectares, and the wastewater treatment basins and the majority of other facilities are placed in caves excavated underground. This major project will significantly increase the wastewater treatment capacity of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and expanding it further would enable the wastewater treatment of up to one million inhabitants. The Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant is also an investment in the future of the Baltic Sea, as it removes phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater more efficiently than before, curbing the eutrophication of coastal waters in the Gulf of Finland.

Steelhouse Group Oy has been a subcontractor in the wastewater treatment plant project since early 2019, and has supplied machinery engineering products for the project. In the field of machinery engineering, especially the challenging stainless steel sheet metal works that require design know-how, have been under Steelhouse’s core area of expertise.

Designing and modeling tanks for Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant. The design service is part of Steelhouse's end-to-end service model, that includes design, manufacture and installation. Steelhouse specializes in high-quality stainless steel products.
Piping preforms and other structures ready for surface treatment before shipment to Blominmäki site. The metal treatment services of Steelhouse include techniques like semi-automated grinding line, spray and pool coating, and SiC and glass blowing as well as nanosurface treatments of various metals.

YIT project manager Santeri Saarikko stated that design expertise plays a very important role in a multi-stage and large-scale project: “In large-scale projects like this, contractors must be able to operate quickly and flexibly. For example, demanding machinery engineering plans need to be drawn up and completed in parallel with the actual work phases. In demanding projects, it is important to find skilled partners who are able to also take design responsibility alongside production. In my opinion, Steelhouse has succeeded in this, and we will continue to cooperate.”

Read more about the Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant project from the webpages of Helsinki Region Environmental Services and the main contractor YIT. ja pääsuunnittelija FCG:n uutisissa.

Cover image: Tanks designed and manufactured by Steelhouse installed in Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant.