Uutinen - Steelhouse uudistaa organisaatiotaan
Steelhouse Group Oy is reforming its organization

While the long-term CEO of Steelhouse, Tapio Hyytiäinen is moving to new responsibilities in the board of the company, Mr. Jouni Kähkönen has been nominated as the new CEO of Steelhouse Group Oy.

During his career, Kähkönen has worked in a variety of roles in the industry, as well as an entrepreneur. In addition to strong project expertise, his strengths include successful experience in mechanical engineering operations and in delivering factory automation systems, from sales to implementation.

After the fusion of Steelhouse and Ari’s Group was completed in summer 2020, and with the synergies achieved, production capacity of the company has increased, and turnover is growing. The services previously provided by these companies complement each other, and by combining the strengths of the two players, the company is able to serve its customers even more holistically than before.

CEO Jouni Kähkönen appreciates the company’s customer-oriented operating principles and flexibility in fulfilling all customer needs. “For many years, Steelhouse has been alongside its customers designing and producing demanding structures, installing and maintaining mechanical equipment at their locations. We will further continue to strengthen our services and operations in the direction that our customers receive full service from a single door. In the future, we will deliver the ordered products including instrumentation and electrification, and we will hand over the projects automated and ready for use.

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