Steelhouse yhteistyöhön VR FleetCaren kanssa
Steelhouse in collaboration with VR FleetCare

Steelhouse Group Oy is partaking in an overhaul project, in which the train track maintenance company VR FleetCare is renewing Helsinki City Transport (HKL) metro trains. The renovation will cover all M100 and M200 series metro trains, in total more than 100 metro train carriages.

The first refurbished trains of the M100 series have already returned to passenger traffic, and the project as a whole is scheduled for completion in 2023. The aim is to improve the passenger comfort of the trains by renewing the interior and lighting of the cabin. With frame renovations, the M100 trains will also have more open space, suitable for transporting bicycles, for example. Furthermore, renewing the cabins of the metro trains will improve the driving ergonomics.

Steelhouse has entered into a framework agreement with VR FleetCare, and will act in the renovation project as a subcontractor responsible for sheet metal works and the renewal of railing structures.

CEO of Steelhouse Group Oy, Tapio Hyytiäinen says that Steelhouse is renewing the sheet metal surface structures of the metro trains one train car at a time. In addition to sheet metal works, the railing structures of the cabins will be updated.

"This is an important partnership for us. It’s great to be involved in this major subway renovation project with VR FleetCare” Tapio toteaa.

The project covers renovating 39 M100 metro trains manufactured by Valmet / Strömberg between 1979 and 1984, and 12 M200 metro trains manufactured by Bombardier between 2000 and 2001.

Read more about HKL's metro train overhaul project on the website of the city of Helsinki and in VR FleetCare's news article.